Introducing The Dementor Wasp That Turns Its’ Prey Into Zombies


(PCM) The World Wildlife Fund has revealed a new species of wasp called “The Dementor”, named after the horrifying soul-sucking Harry Potter character, that preys on cockroaches by turning them into zombies and then eating them alive. 

Sounds like such a wonderful little creature, right?

The wasp was actually discovered back in 2014 in areas of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, but was not fully studied or named until now. It was studied at Berlin’s natural history museum and it was given its’ name by a vote from people visiting the museum. 

The Dementor wasp hunts for cockroaches and then proceeds to inject its’ venom into the prey’s belly turning the cockroach into a zombie. The roach can still move but it is unable to direct its’ body in any particular direction leaving it very disoriented. 

The wasp is then able to drag the cockroach by its’ antennae and pull it into the wasp shelter to complete its’ feast.