Is It An Alien Or An Animal Corpse? Woman Discovers Mysterious Creature In Her Backyard


(PCM) When a California woman uploaded a photo that shows a very odd-looking slimy pink creature that she discovered in her backyard the internet immediately went wild with speculation that it could be the corpse of some kind of alien creature. The image was uploaded just a few hours after a proposed UFO sighting in Los Angeles that spread panic across the the area.

More than likely it is a strange coincidence as many are pointing out that the creature shares many of the same characteristics and features as what would take place during an animal, such as a deer having a miscarriage.  The woman who uploaded the photo to her Facebook page claims that she heard the sound of a scream outside in her backyard around 11:30pm  and when she ventured outside to check things out she discovered the mysterious creature in her yard.

After the woman posted the  images to her Facebook page, asking her friends to help her identify the creature,  they were then  reposted to Reddit with the caption, “Friend found this outside her house. WTF indeed.” The online debate began almost immediately with many UFO enthusiasts claiming that the creature is a dead alien astronaut that dropped from the UFO as it traveled across the California sky. They go on to claim that the government is trying to cover up the fact that there was a UFO sighting and the “alien” corpse in the backyard is proof.

They also say Facebook is in on the cover-up and assisting the government by deleting all posts that mention or feature images of the UFO sighting and the mysterious creature. However, this doesn’t really appear to be true because we have seen several postings on Facebook debating the origins of this mysterious and creepy-looking creature.

Again the most likely scenario that was mentioned by social media users, was that it could be the aborted fetus of a hoofed animal, such as a deer. The mysterious creature is probably an aborted deer fetus partly eaten by animal scavengers. The slimy pink body of the creature looks like a partially developed fetus expelled prematurely from the womb. There is still a ton of debate going on about exactly what type of animal the fetus actually is and of course that leads to even more speculation.

What do you think? Alien corpse or Animal fetus?