Korean Air Executive Resigns After “Nutty” Demands At JFK In NYC


(PCM) Korean Air executive Heather Cho has resigned from her position after an incident involving a bag of macadamia nuts and the demand for a plane to return back to the gate occurred last weekend.

Cho allegedly demanded that the plane she was on return to the gate so that a crew member who served her macadamia nuts in a bag rather than on a plate in first class could be kicked off the plane.

Despite the fact that her role in the company put her in charge of in-flight services, she was the only passenger on this flight and was not flying in an official capacity so the incident was a bit excessive.

Cho is the daughter of Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho and while she has stepped down as an executive, she has chosen to keep her title as vice president of the company. In a statement Cho says “”I will take full responsibility for the incident and step down from my post”.

Korean Air released their own statement in regards to the incident saying “”Even though it was not an emergency situation, backing up the plane to order an employee to deplane was an excessive act”.

The airline is currently investigating the incident and despite the incident the plane still managed to arrive at South Korea’s Incheon Airport only eleven minutes behind schedule.