Man Buried Alive Freed From Brazilian Grave

buried-alive1(PCM) This story sounds as if it were taken straight from the pages of a horror novel. A woman visiting a Brazilian cemetery received quite surely the scare of her life when she witnessed the ground of a nearby plot begin to move and shake before a man who was buried alive began to raise out of the grave.

The woman quickly alerted the authorities, who at first believed the call to be a hoax. Once authorities arrived on-site they were able to haul the man the rest of the way out of the grave. Some local TV stations are reporting that the man suffered from psychiatric problems, however there have been no officially confirmed reports as to how the man ended up buried in the grave.

There is also some speculation that he may have gotten into an altercation with someone in another part of town and his body was dumped in the cemetery. The man was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital and released the same day.

Something tells me, the poor woman who first witnessed the man’s rise for the grave will be the most scarred from this entire ordeal.