Man Sues For $5 Million After 16-pound Pine Cone Falls On His Head


(PCM) A man is suing the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park for the staggering amount of $5 million dollars after a very large 16-pound pine cone fell from a tree, hitting him in the head causing brain damage and suffering. Sean Mace, who happens to be a Navy veteran, was taking a nap and reading under one of the bunya pine trees in the park when the incident occurred.

His attorney claims that Mace suffered a severe brain injury as a result of the large pine cone dropping on him and that he has already been through two surgeries and is in need of a third. Bunya pine trees are known to grow pine cones is incredibly large size with some even reaching up to 16-inches in diameter and weighing over 40-pounds.

Since the incident the tree in question where Mace was napping has been fenced off an park officials have added a sign which reads “Danger: Giant Seed Pod Falling From Tree”!