Moscow Zoo Sues Ad Agency Over “Erotic” Raccoon Photo Shoot

(PCM) A petting zoo in Moscow has filed a lawsuit against the ad agency Art-Msk claiming that the agency used on of their raccoons in what could be described as an erotic photo shoot. The zoo claims that the raccoon was used in an inappropriate way involving a nude model and the animal has now become obsessed with women’s breasts. We have no idea just how they figured out that the raccoon was no obsessed with women’s breasts, nor do we really want to know either!

The lawsuit states that the zoo rented the raccoon to the ad agency for the afternoon for what they assumed was going to be a “normal” photo session. The zoo owners claim that when the raccoon was returned to them, he was traumatized and infatuated with a certain part of the female anatomy. When the zoo owners were able to view the video from the ad they saw that the raccoon was used in the ad as a prop to cover up the models naked breasts.

The zoo claims that the raccoon was given treats to lure him closer to the model’s breasts and he now associates women’s breasts with food and it has become a serious issue for female zoo employees. The lawsuit demands that the images and video from the ad featuring the raccoon be removed from the internet.

The ad agency has responded and feel that the zoo’s lawsuit is absurd. They claim that they were supposed to have rented a well-trained raccoon for the video shoot, however they were given a young and untrained raccoon instead. They say he kept running off the set, hence why they were offering him treats. The ad agency goes on to say that the curious young raccoon actually stole the bra off the model and they only filmed the situation for the sake of humor.

There is some buzz circulating that the entire ordeal may a bit of a farce considering the ad agency had an ad posted several months ago that read, “Do you have a raccoon? Do you want the media to write about your zoo? Do you love a good scandal? We’re here to help!”

Sounds fishy to us! But who doesn’t love a good erotic raccoon scandal these days? People are so strange sometimes!