Quadruple Amputee Is A Person Of Interest In His Parents Murder


(PCM) Currently, police in Orlando, Florida are searching for a quadruple amputee, whom they say is currently a “person of interest’ in the shooting death of both of his parents in their home.

The police say that the the man, 30 year old Sean Petrozinno is considered to be armed and dangerous (yeah, we are not really sure how that works either) and that currently he is only being named as a person of interest and not yet a full-fledged suspect in the case.

Petrozinno had recently moved back in with this parents after allegedly suffering from some financial issues. He lost portions of his limbs due to a bout with bacterial meningitis.

The man’s parents 64 year old Nancy Petrozinno worked as a school teacher and his father Michael Petrozinno worked at Walt Disney World. The principal of the school where Nancy worked became concerned and called 911 when she failed to show up for work.

The couple’s bodies were discovered in their home during a well-being check and their neighbors are incredible baffled by the incident claiming they do not know anyone that would have so much rage against the couple to commit this heinous act.

Sean Petrozinno was last seen via surveillance camera photo at an ATM in the Orlando area.