Richard Branson Pranks The Folks Of Branson, Missouri


(PCM) April Fools Day may not be for another day, but that did not stop Richard Branson, founder and CEO of Virgin America, from pranking the city of Branson, Missouri. Branson made a post via social media with an announcement that the company would be moving their headquarters to Branson, MO.

The post included a short video that explained the reasons behind the company’s move to the small Missouri town. CNN has since officially confirmed that the move is indeed a joke, however Branson did reveal earlier this month that he had traced his roots back to the town founder Rueben S. Branson and said that he plans to have Virgin offer a flight from San Francisco to Branson, MO.

Even the Branson airport executive got in on the joke and said in a tweet that they are flattered that Richard Branson wants to bring Virgin America to Branson, MO.

The joke continued with Branson claiming that Virgin Hotels was looking to develop a luxury property in the area and they would even begin to offer “exclusive wagon trails”. ¬†He also went on to say a film from Virgin Produced was in the works, as well as, expanded phone coverage in the area through Virgin Mobile and that the water in the town would be filtered using Virgin Pure technology so that he can always have the perfect cup of tea when he is in town.

Branson claimed he spoke with the mayor of Branson and she is “whole-heartedly” behind the plan and even country music superstar Dolly Parton planned to set up camp in the area and they would name one of the planes “Jolene” after her mega-hit single.

Gotcha, Branson, MO!  Wonder if they could find a way to prank him back?