The Robot Revolution! How Far Is Too Far?

Metropolis robot photo

Photo by tonechootero

(PCM) We have seen news about advancement in the areas of technology and robotics growing at a rapid speed over the last several years. In the early days, many robots appeared to look very mechanical, such as being made of metal and having various buttons and dials, however now the robots that are being created are looking more and more life-like each and every day, almost to a scary degree. Many have been able to learn and take on some very humanistic characteristics such as feelings and emotions. It may soon be hard to distinguish what is real and what is robotic if we continue along the same path.

If technology continues on its’ current path then it could very well be a possibility that robots will begin taking over or at least heavily assisting with many of life’s every day occurrences.
There have been several reports that claim that by the year of 2025 sexbots will become commonplace and that more and more robots will begin taking over human jobs, as employers will find that the robots can do the same job faster and of course cheaper. Robots will soon take over huge segments of daily human life. The issue that no one can  seem to agree on is whether or not these robots will be a blessing or a curse to modern society.

When thinking about the every-growing sex toy industry the demand is already high for more and more realistic sex robots and researchers now feel that these robostitutes (my new favorite word) will be able to look, move, and feel like real humans. They will also be able to satisfy all the various sexual urges and have a mid-level intelligence, but that intelligence is rapidly advancing. New models of these robots are being given the ability to think and feel, they can show emotion based upon the way they are treated by their owner or creator.

There have been several movies and TV shows that show what happens when humans end up falling in love with these types of robots and it is scary to think about the effect that they may end up having on the intimacy of human to human relationships. The first robot depicted in cinema was a gynoid named Maria in the science fiction film, Metropolis, which was released way back in 1927, so you can see that we have always had a fascination with robotics and science fiction, however many never dreamed it would become an actual reality in the future. Even back then people were concerned about what may or may not occur if robots were to ever become smart enough to turn against their creators.

The use of self-driving vehicles, a technology that is still currently being developed, that could soon replace truck drivers, taxis and more. That type of technology could have the potential to leave an awful lot of people without jobs. The benefit for robots taking over some of the more mindless or tedious jobs is that individuals that currently hold those types of positions would have more time to spend with the families etc … but somehow we can’t see that loss of income being much a benefit.

While we think that the continued advancement of technology is a wonderful thing, seeing it replace actual human interaction is a bit scary. We are already beginning to see some of that occur when looking at our complete reliance on cell phones and text messaging as a primary form of communication, we think it is only going to get worse from here.

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