‘Seagull Cinderella’s’ Massive ‘Assets’ Are Stirring Up Controversy In Massachusetts


(PCM) The town of New Bedford, Massachusetts is in an uproar over the installation of a scantily-clad, female shaped seagull statue created by artist Donna Dodson. The statue which is named “Seagull Cinderella” feature some rather voluptuous assets and many are deeming the statue to be both inappropriate and offensive.

Various social media postings about the statue are playfully referring to the statue as “the seagull with the boobs” and it has become a bit of a hit with tourists in the region amid all the controversy. ┬áResidents of the area are requesting that the statue be removed and many feel that it is treating their town as some sort of joke.

They do not want tourists who visit the small coastal town to leave with the memory of a large breasted seagull statue as a representative for the area. There are also those who would like to see the statue stay in place and there are currently two opposing petitions regarding poor ol’ “Seagull Cinderella”.

Those in support of the statue feels it represents New Bedford’s artist community and people should rejoice in experiencing a form of art that is a bit out of the ordinary. They accuse those in opposition of the statue to be “uncomfortable with the female form” and therefore must hate art.

Those are definitely some fighting words! Do you find “Seagull Cinderella” to be offensive or just artistic expression? It truly seems like nowadays individuals are offended by just about anything, so people kicking up about a big-boobed seagull statue is really no surprise!