Shanghai Subway Car Taken Over By Eels

Pic shows: The eels in the Shanghai metro. Dozens of eels surprised commuters in a crowded metro carriage this week after a vendor on his way to the market tipped over a bucket filled with live specimens. There was no panic, but commuters on Shanghai’s Line 1 metro still did their best to avoid the slippery customers which were on their way to a seafood market in the eastern Chinese metropolis. Although living in water, eels have the ability to breathe out of water in order to cross land and reach new water sources. Eye-witness reports said the live eels were tipped over soon after the train left the station. The eels then began slithering across the entire train carriage, providing yet another unique sight for Shanghai metro commuters. Only a day earlier the metro was in the news over a crossdressing man who looked like he had an eel in his trousers after travelling in skin tight almost see through leggings. He had shocked commuters with the outfit attracting many to make jokes about eels on the underground. The owner of the eels that escaped a day later managed to gather them back into the bucket, apologising as he did so. However he was unable to do anything about the bed smelling water that was left behind after he climbed off the carriage, that had to be wiped away by metro cleaning staff. (ends)

(PCM) Passengers on a subway car in Shanghai received a shocking surprise earlier this week when dozens of live eels were accidentally let loose on the busy metro.

Eyewitnesses report that a bucket of the slithering creatures was overturned shortly after the subway train pulled away from its stop, spilling the smelly water that once kept the eels fresh all over the floor and onto the shoes of nearby passengers.

The majority of the people in the subway car remained calm and even seemed disinterested while the eel-owner got on his hands and knees and did his best to gather up his slippery supply before heading to a seafood market in an eastern suburb of Shanghai.

Though they are creatures of the sea, eels have the ability to breathe oxygen outside of water for a short period of time, which allowed the escaped eels to make their way throughout the subway car without much opposition.

Eyewitnesses claim that the seafood seller was able to recapture every eel before departing from the subway.

After the man left with his eels, a cleaning crew had to arrive and clean the foul-smelling water that had spilled from the eels’ bucket.