Some Little Known Facts About Easter


(PCM) Many of us know that Easter Sunday culminates the end of Holy Week and celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a primarily Christian holiday the reminds those of faith of the Son of God’s last sacrifice. Some Easter traditions such as the Easter Bunny and receiving treats dates back to the days of Paganism and the holiday of Ostara which celebrates the beginning of spring.

In honor of the holiday we thought it would be fun to share some little known facts about the Easter holiday!

1. The world’s tallest Easter egg was crafted back in 2011 in Italy. It was taller than a giraffe and weighed more than an elephant.

2. Good Friday (always the Friday before Easter) is an official holiday in 12 U.S. States and they are CT, DE, HI, IN,KY, LA, NJ, NC, ND, TN, TX, U.S. VI and PR.

3. Popular Easter candy jellybeans were first created by Boston candy maker William Schrafft who urged individuals to send jellybeans to soldiers fighting in the Civil War.

4. The name Easter owes its origin from Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess who symbolizes hare and egg.

5. The exchanging of Easter eggs dates back to rituals that are actually older than the Easter holiday itself. Eggs were given as a gift to symbolize rebirth in many early cultures.

6. In olden days, pretzels were associated with Easter because their twists resemble arms that are crossed in prayer.

7. Marshmallow Peeps are the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy. Americans buy more than 700 million of these adorable marshmallow treats during the Easter season.

8. The White House holds an annual Easter Egg Roll on the front lawn each year. The tradition was started by President Hayes back in 1878.

9. Americans consume over 16 million jellybeans on Easter, enough to circle the globe three times over!

10. 76% of chocolate bunny eaters make the decision to bite the ears off first.