Did A Hawk Really Toss A Snake At A Family? Experts Say No!

(PCM) The latest video to go viral purports to show a hawk tossing a rather large snake at a family who was picnicking in Australia, however upon further analyzation¬†of the video experts are claiming that the video is actually a fake. The video was originally posted by YouTube user Daniel Wong and shows a hawk… Read More

Don’t Mess With Macho Kangaroo!

(PCM) Photos of an incredibly buff 192-lb kangaroo named Roger are going viral, as they almost appear to be hilariously photoshopped. Rest assured, your eyes are not deceiving you, Roger is a 100% real macho marsupial. Roger stands at 6’5 and according to Chris Barnes, the manager of the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in Australia‚Äôs… Read More