What Happens When We Lose 28,000 Rubber Duckies At Sea?

(PCM) Everyone knows that rubber duckies can make bath time lots of fun, you know because Sesame Street’s Ernie told us so, right? Well, bath time was far less fun for a lot of businesses who were expecting a shipment of rubber duckies, 28,000 of them to be exact, that went missing at sea back in 1992. read more

Dihydrogen Monoxide: One Of The Greatest Internet Hoaxes Or An Great Educational Tool?

(PCM) What is Dihyrdogen Monoxide? Could this chemical compound be making us sick? Could we really die from ingesting Dihydrogen Monoxide? These are just some of the questions an average person might have when they are attempting to research or study any type of new chemical compound and are worried, due to reports in the media, about certain health dangers associated with coming in contact with these chemicals. read more

Anthropologist Uses Forensics To Draw The Most Realistic Version Of Jesus Christ


(PCM) Medieval artist and forensic anthropologist Richard Neave has crafted the most realistic version of what he believes Jesus Christ would have looked like at the time he lived.

Putting his science skills to the test, Neave used three skulls that were found at an Israeli archaeological site and used computerized tomography to structure the correct shape for Jesus’s face. read more

The Brontosaurus Has Finally Reclaimed Its’ Name


(PCM) Back in the year 1989, the U.S. Postal Service issued a set of stamps that featured various species of dinosaurs with one in particular being labeled the Brontosaurus. When the stamp was released both educators and paleontologists vocally protested the stamp claiming that the dinosaur species featured on the stamp was actually not a Brontosaurus, but rather a Apatosaurus, which was the correct scientific name. read more