Newfoundland Town Boasts A Very NSFW Name!


(PCM) There is always a little room for sexual humor every now and again and it never fails to cause a case of the giggles. This rings especially true when it comes to the name of a certain little town in Newfoundland that boasts an fairly NSFW name and could lead to quite a few uncomfortable conversations with your children when attempting to explain just why the name of the town is inappropriate. read more

7 Holidays You Won’t Believe Exist

(PCM) The wonderful people over at Buzzfeed have complied a list of seven holidays from around the globe, that are so strange you may not believe they exist.

The video features a glimpse of La Tomatina in Spain which is essentially the world’s largest food fight, Hadaka Matsuri in Japan also referred to as the ‘naked festival, Songkran in Thailand which consists of everyone spraying one another with water guns and a few others. read more