Tax Dollars Hard A Work! Police Have An 11 Hour Stand-Off With An Empty House


(PCM) We could definitely come up with quite a few more important ways for the Michigan police department to spend their day other than spending 11 hours having a stand-off with an empty home.

Yes, that’s correct. After receiving a call about a domestic disturbance that took place in the home where a man and his wife were going through a bitter divorce, police special response teams moved in because they received a tip that the man has barricade himself in the home only to discover after an 11 hour stand-off that the home was in fact empty.

The man had already left the house before police arrived. Way to get your facts straight! Police even went as far as to send in a canister of tear gas and block of several nearby streets for the duration of the stand-off before coming to the realization that they were fighting a battle against a completely empty home.

Oops! We just can’t believe it took them 11 hours to finally make the decision to enter the home and come up empty-handed!