The Motivating Story Of The Claymont Christmas Weed!


(PCM) Being that PCM headquarters is located in Delaware, we absolutely could not resist sharing the legendary tale of the Claymont Christmas Weed and it’s very special symbolism to our little  state.  The holidays are a time to reflect on some of the most positive aspects in life and the story behind the Claymont Christmas Weed does just that, as our little town even has a parade and celebration ceremony to honor this very special weed each and ever year.

What may have started as a joke some 22 years ago, back in 1993, when several Claymont residents took notice of a small weed (goldenrod to be exact) pushing it’s way up through the concrete of a road median on Philadelphia Pike (the main thoroughfare in the town). The residents thought it would be comical to toss a few spare Christmas decorations such as ornaments and tinsel on the small weed as it looked incredibly reminiscent to the tree featured in the famous Charlie Brown Christmas special.  It was then that the yearly tradition of decorating the Claymont Christmas Weed was born.

It is rumored that road crews accidentally cut down the original Claymont Christmas Weed, however it was replaced by a stand along weed in a bucket. That weed and it’s replacement were both stolen and it wasn’t until an editor from local paper, the News Journal, agreed to keep security watch on the fourth weed that they were finally left alone and in one piece, as there have been no further issues since.


To the residents of Claymont and neighboring cities such as Wilmington and Arden, the Claymont Christmas Weed is a symbol of both persistence and perseverance, as the area has been plagued by issues such as job loss and crime. Every year on the first Saturday in December Claymont residents gather together for a parade to kick-off the holiday season and honor the Claymont Christmas Weed which is then decorated and blessed for the season.  In fact, there is even a song dedicated to the Claymont Christmas Weed (we live here and didn’t even know that one) check it out below:

While the song is a little kooky, we are certainly proud of our state’s quirky little holiday tradition and the deeper underlying symbolism. Does your city or town have any unique holiday traditions? Share them with us in the comments below!