Toddler Assumed To Be Dead Awakens At Her Own Funeral


(PCM) In a bizarre story out of the Philippines, a 3-year old who was pronounced dead by a local area hospital awoke in her casket at her own funeral.

The 3-year old was initially taken to the hospital after she was suffering from an incredibly high fever for three days. During her time spent in the hospital, the personnel and doctor declared that the toddler had no pulse and was pronounced clinically dead last Saturday at around 9 am.

The toddlers body was released to her parents so they could begin the funeral preparations the following day and when a family friend opened up the casket to adjust the remains, those in attendance witnessed the incredible sight of the toddlers head move.

The family was in complete shock and the toddler was immediately removed from the casket and cradled by her family in the church. She was immediately given water, taken to the hospital and then brought home.


Source say that the child was still comatose, however she is being taking to a more well-equipped hospital for further evaluations and treatment.