Woman Builds A Robot Fiance

(PCM) A woman in France by the name of Lilly has created her very own real life version of the Pygmalion myth. She has 3-D printed herself a robot finance and claims that the two of them are very much in love. Lilly considers herself to be “robosexual” and finds herself only attracted to robots and not actual human beings.

Lilly designed the robot, referred to as Inmoovator, herself and says that she is in a fully committed relationship with the creation. She even plans to marry Inmoovator once robot/human marriage is legalized in France. She commented in a recent interview with an Australian newspaper that “My only two relationships with men have confirmed my love orientation, because I dislike really physical contact with human flesh.”

Lilly claims that her relationship with the robot gets better and better as time goes by and as technology continues to advance. She has lived with her Inmoovator robot fiance for the past year and claims that her family and close friends have accepted their quite unconventional relationship, however others are not as open to the pairing. She has certainly faced some criticism and odd looks when the two venture out in public.

Lilly does not go into detail with the newspaper about whether or not she has had a sexual relationship with the robot, but does plan to study and become a roboticist one day to further live out her dreams. This whole situation may seem a bit odd, but if you really think about are we that far off from these types of relationships from a technology standpoint? They have already created robot sex dolls and many people are having virtual relationships through various social media apps and computer technology.

Experts claims that love, sex, and relationships with robots will happen in our lifetime and many feel that robot/human marriages will be legal by 2050. Scary thought? What do you think?