Worried About The Zombie Apocalypse? Kansas Has It Under Control!


(PCM) For those that fear an impending zombie apocalypse, you might want to pack your bags and think about heading straight for Kansas.

Kansas State governor Sam Brownback is gearing up to proclaim the month of October as “Zombie Preparedness Month” as part of a new campaign being introduced by the Kansas Division of Emergency Management. Brownback will sign a proclamation in support of the event on September 26th.

It is the Division of Emergency Management’s hope that by honing in on the incredible popularity of zombies within current pop culture that they will be able to get more people to take action and become involved with emergency preparations in the state.

The officials claim that preparing for an impending zombie apocalypse would be no different than preparing for any type of disaster, as people should still learn preparation tactics such as having plenty of supplies on hand and a solid emergency plan. Kansas is known for suffering from tornadoes, severe storms and more, so pretty much if you can handle zombies than you can handle other types of disaster situations.

The theme for “Zombie Preparedness Month” is “If you’re prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything!”