Starbucks Set To Introduce A Beer-Flavored Coffee


(PCM) For some reason coffee and beer are two words that do not pair up together well in my mind, however Starbucks has revealed plans to test a new fall season drink called a “Dark Barrel Latte” that will taste like stout beer.

According to sources the “Dark Barrel Latte” will be made with a flavored syrup that is meant to taste like dark beer such as Guinness, the syrup will be added to espresso and steamed milk. It will be topped with whipped cream and dark caramel sauce and also be available as a Frappucinno option as well. The flavor has been described as “roasted malt flavor”.

Just in case there were any lingering concerns about the thought of Starbucks actually serving legit beer, the chocolate stout flavored syrup does not contain any actual beer.

The test markets for the new “Dark Barrel Latte” have not yet been confirmed, however it appears a few people in the Columbus, OH area have had a chance to check it out!

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