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Australian Man Fights To Have His Penis Signature Officially Recognized


(PCM) What started out as a joke for Australian Jared Hyam has turned into a lengthy legal battle to have his signature, which happens to be a drawing of a penis, officially recognized. Hyam would like to have his penis signature be considered legitimate on all of his legal documents including his drivers license, passport and more.

Hyams first began drawing a penis for his signature when he was asked to sign his registration card for the Australian Electoral Commission and he thought it would be a pretty funny joke. He figured it would be good for a few laughs and then he would use a different type of signature the next time around. Well, it seem that things spiraled out of control very quickly and soon Hyam was receiving calls from government officials telling him the signature was unacceptable and therefore not valid.

This only fueled Hyam’s interest to continue using the signature and he then began signing up for other legal documentation using the penis drawing. He claims he was able to get his new driver’s license using the signature as well as, a health card, library card, student card, as well as opening up a bank account. Other agencies such as VicRoad and the¬†Department of Trade and Foreign Affairs denied Hyam’s use of the signature calling it offensive and refusing to issue him a passport.

It is unclear why Hyam chose to use a penis drawing as his signature, but he remains steadfast in his battle to make it legally recognized.

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