450-Pound Man Smuggles Marijuana In His Fat Rolls


(PCM) Well, that is a headline I certainly never thought I would type, however a 450-pound Florida man, known by the alias “Fat Boy” or “Biggie” has been arrested after authorities discovered he was smuggling marijuana, hiding it between his stomach fat rolls.

The man was pulled over during a routine traffic stop for not wearing his seat belt, as he told police he was “too fat to wear a seat belt”. Police noticed that the man was behaving a bit suspiciously during the traffic stop and they brought in a drug sniffing canine to investigate the interior of the man’s car.

With the help of the canine, police discovered cocaine in the front seat and 23 grams of marijuana hidden in the man’s fat rolls. The man and his driver were allegedly using air fresheners and dryer sheets in an attempt to mask the drug odor. Police also located a handgun and $7,000 in cash rolled in a tube sock in the vehicle as well!

The driver of the car was arrested for cocaine possession and “Fat Boy” was arrested for possession of marijuana and failure to wear a seat belt.