A Baby Seal Was Found in the Middle of a Field in England

Babyseal_Feature(PCM) A baby seal found itself in unfamiliar territory when it wound up in a shallow puddle in a field in Lincolnshire, England.

The baby seal, thought to be just five days old, was spotted by a birdwatcher from Boston, Ian Ellis, in a field in Lincolnshire, a historical county in the east of England.

Ellis found the seal after using his telescope to birdwatch, leading him to land on a group of cows gathered around something in the field, and decided to investigate the source of the cows’ curiosity with Toby Collett, a staff warden for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

“There are seals on the edge of the marsh but it was the way the cows were so inquisitive that made me look. Mr Collett picked up the seal and I put it in my coat and carried it to the car park all the way down the sea bank to be rescued,” the DailyMail quotes Ellis as saying after the rescue.

BabySeal_1After her rescue, the five-day-old seal was taken to the Skegness Natureland Seal Hospital to receive treatment for dehydration and malnutrition. 

Richard Yeadon, the director of Natureland, believes the baby seal may have become stranded when the tides the marshy area went out. 

Yeadon told DailyMail: “Her main problem is that at only five days old she was orphaned and therefore had not fed for a while. She had lost quite a lot of weight and was dehydrated. We gave her rehydration fluid through a stomach tube and are now giving her high fat herrings, which will help her gain back the weight.”

The seal has been named Celebration in honor of the Skegness Natureland’s 50th Anniversary. Natureland staff will release the baby seal when it has regained its strength and is able to live on its own in the wild again.