Anonymous Claims NASA Is About To Reveal Details About Alien Life

(PCM) A new YouTube video posted by the hacking group Anonymous claims that NASA has concrete proof of alien life and will soon be releasing the truth to the general public. In the 12-minute video released by Anonymous they explain that NASA has already been in contact with the intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations and this proves the theory that intelligent life forms exist on planets other than Earth.

Anonymous goes on the further explain that NASA has known the information for quite some time, however they are trying to determine the best time to release the information to the public to avoid mass hysteria and chaos. While many still continue to dismiss Anonymous’s claims as “conspiracy theory”, NASA has been dropping their own batch of hints about the possibility of intelligent life on other planets.

They have recently revealed that they have discovered several other Earth-like planets that could support organic life forms and have been shifting the focus of many of their mission to the study of astrobiology. The new information obtained by Anonymous is purely speculative at this point in the game, however we can certainly see where they would reach a lot of these conclusions based upon NASA’s recent work and the small hints that have been dropped over the years.

We still feel it will be a good number of years before NASA ever fully discloses the truth about intelligent life on other planets, but it is rather egotistical of us to believe that we are the only planet in the entire galaxy that could possibly have intelligent life forms. For now we will just have to wait and see, but don’t you think this news for Anonymous comes just a little too close to “Independence Day” to be a coincidence. Just remember … the truth is out there! ¬†You can check out Anonymous’s video below … why do they always have to make them so darn creepy! The Guy Fawkes mask is just unnerving!