Anthropologist Uses Forensics To Draw The Most Realistic Version Of Jesus Christ


(PCM) Medieval artist and forensic anthropologist Richard Neave has crafted the most realistic version of what he believes Jesus Christ would have looked like at the time he lived.

Putting his science skills to the test, Neave used three skulls that were found at an Israeli archaeological site and used computerized tomography to structure the correct shape for Jesus’s face. The end result shows us a much different version of Jesus Christ than what has been previously depicted in and on countless works of art.

Neave feels that his version of the Holy Son is much closer to what Jesus would have actually looked like given the region that he lived. The three Israeli skulls were from a time period that closely matched when Jesus would have been alive.

Currently, there are no actual authentic drawings of Jesus that have been discovered, so therefore Neave’s version of Jesus Christ is being touted by scientists as the most realistic drawing of Jesus Christ ever created.

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