Are Flesh Eating Squirrels On The Rise In NYC?


(PCM) Most people don’t think anything about seeing a cute and fuzzy little squirrel frolicking around our yards and sometimes wreaking havoc on our bird feeders, however people in NYC may want to think again before interacting with these flesh-eating little beasts, especially if you work for MTA.

About a month ago an MTA worker was viciously attacked by a squirrel on a New York City subway car. The squirrel bit off a chunk of the woman’s finger and caused her to make a visit to the emergency room for treatment.  While one incident like that one can happen from time to time, it now seems that there has been yet another squirrel attack on an MTA works that occurred just this past week. 

Witnesses of this most recent flesh-eating squirrel attack, claim that the demonic little squirrel ran through the window of the Q train and then proceeded to stare down and attack the train operator. Passengers nearby were able to come the operators rescue and force the squirrel off of the train. The operators injuries, if any sustained were not reported. 

It is not known if there have been any additional squirrel attacks in the immediate area, but it seems like they really have it out for MTA workers. Either that or it is the start of the flesh-eating squirrel revolt and in that case we should all beware.