An Art Show Dedicated To….Nicholas Cage??

Nicholas-Cage1(PCM) Yes, indeed. You did read that headline correctly. A local San Francisco art curator is dedicated an entire show to all things Nicholas Cage. The event will take place on Saturday, April 12th (mark those calendars now) and will feature a wide array of Nicholas Cage themed art work, a full bar and live music. It is being fittingly called The Nicholas Cage Party…wouldn’t it be hilarious if he, himself, actually crashed the party!

A DJ by the name of Eza Croft is the person behind the art show and he as been amazed by the type of response he has been receiving from people looking to participate. Croft put his Craigslist skills to the test and was able to reach out to individuals all over the world about the event. Croft revealed that fans were coming out of the woodwork looking to be a part of the show and thanks to Facebook, news of the event soon went completely viral.

The works of art chosen for the show vary from simple fan art to more surreal pieces that truly capture the odd essence that makes up a star like Nicholas Cage. You can take a look at the show’s Facebook page for more information and to catch a glimpse of some of the submissions.