Astronomer Reveals Theory About The Existence Of A Second Sun


(PCM) We just adore a good NASA conspiracy, don’t you? A well-respected astronomer by the name of Paul Cox has made the startling claim that through his research he has discovered that there are actually two suns in our vast universe. But wait, it gets even better!  Cox claims that the reason we have not heard about the existence of the mysterious second sun is because NASA is covering it up.

Cox shared with viewers on Slooh a live feed from his telescope pointing out a black dot, which is the planet Mercury, but says that this is not the case. He says that Mercury is instead a much smaller version of sun. Cox also shared with viewers his theory on Planet X, which terrifying details a broken planet popping out from behind the sun and crashes into Earth ending all life as we know it.

It is unclear as to why Cox feels that NASA would want to cover up the discovery of a second sun or lie about it’s existence, as it would certainly lead to additional government funding for more research, however Cox somehow feels there is a bigger mystery at play. Definitely food for thought!