ATM Workers Accidentally Abandon Over $140,000 in Cash

ATM(PCM) Know that horrible feeling you get right when you shut your door and realize you’ve locked yourself out? That dawning realization that your own inattentiveness has landed you in a very unenviable position?

A couple of ATM workers came to know that feeling all too well when they unintentionally left a bag containing $141,000 in cash outside while making ATM runs on Monday in Mahwah, New Jersey.

The two workers were delivering cash to the ATMs on their route Monday morning when, while packing the car up for the next stop, one of the workers absentmindedly left the bag with the $141,000 on the lawn.

Security footage of the incident released by the Mahwah PD shows the bag of cash sitting on the ground beside the car while one of the workers packs the trunk before hopping in the backseat, leaving the valuable bag behind.

After a time cut and around 11:15 am, the footage shows a white van pull up alongside the bag while a man in a white t-shirt jumps out, casually grabs the bag, and hops back into the van as it pulls away. The moment when local authorities arrived and began investigating the theft was also caught on the security footage.

According to ABC News, it only took 15 minutes for the workers to realize their mistake and turn around, at which point the bag was already gone. The white van supposedly visited an auto repair shop next, where the thieves were allegedly attempting to either sell or pilfer used tires.

Police say that the ATM workers are cooperating with the investigation and the theft is not considered an inside job as this time. The suspect has been described as a “dark skinned male wearing a tee-shirt and long white athletic shorts with some type of dark stripe down the thigh area.”

Anyone with any possible leads of information on this crime are asked to contact Mahwah Detective Michael Grassi or Eric Larsen at 201-529-1000 extension 216 or 217.