Baby Girl Born Pregnant With Twins


(PCM) A team of doctors in Hong Kong have revealed news about a new study done on a baby girl that was born back in 2010 with what they believed to be two tumors growing in her abdomen. ┬áThe study ended up revealing that the baby was born with a rare condition known as “fetus-in-fetu”, which caused her to be born “pregnant” with twins.

What the doctors has assumed to be tumors actually turned out to be two fetuses which were developed to about the stage of 8 to 10 weeks. They had arms, legs, a defined spine, rib cage, intestines, “primitive” brain matter and even an umbilical cord.

Obviously, the medical journal states that it would have been impossible for the baby to conceive on her own, so of course the fetuses were fertilized by the parents and it just went to the wrong place.

Apparently, “fetus-in-fetu” happens once in about every half million births, however it has only been reported about 200 times worldwide. The baby that was born with this condition in Hong Kong has recovered without any additional complications and will live a normal life despite the abnormal birth condition.