Birds On A Wire Create A Hauntingly Beautiful Tune


(PCM) This is proof that true artistic inspiration can come from literally anywhere! According to the video description on YouTube, a man by the name of Jarbas Agnelli saw a photograph of birds perched on a wire in his local newspaper.

He clipped out the photo and decided to create a song using the birds position on the wire as the placement for the musical notes. He was interested to learn what type of melody the placement of the birds as notes would create.

The end result is a hauntingly beautiful little tune. It certainly makes us curious to see what other types of tunes that birds on a wire in various positions could create. We just love both the randomness and spontaneity, as these little tune formations could pop up anywhere at any time if we are paying attention.

Of course, it is obviously the birds are perched upon the wire at random, but it is truly amazing that we have the artistic abilities to pick out their sound and create such a lovely piece of music from their placement.