Blue UFO Spotted Over The Netherlands


(PCM) Individuals in the Netherlands are baffled by a blue unidentified object that was spotted and filmed by a resident. The blue UFO was seen in the town of Maassluis near the capital city of South Holland.

The resident, Dick Smits, who witnessed the UFO was filming boats on the canal when the spotted the blue object which can be seen hovering in the sky over the canal. When Smits zoomed his camera on the object, it appears to have the classic flying saucer shape which is the curved bottom and domed top.

Later in the video when the object turns a bit there appears to be some sort of glass cockpit visible, which leads some skeptics to believe that the UFO could actually be a man made object.

Thus far no one has come forward to claim ownership of the blue UFO and Smits did not reveal just how long the object hovered in the sky or what happened when it finally disappeared.

What do you think? UFO sighting or another hoax?