Brooklyn Parking Space Has A Price Tag Of $300,000

(PCM) Now that is just insanity when it comes to a parking space! The parking space, located in the Park Slope Garage Condominium in Brooklyn, New York is carrying the hefty price tag of $300,000 which just so happens to be a 1,000 percent mark-up than what was asked for the same parking spot some 30 years ago.

This particular parking garage is famous for it’s detailed artwork and murals and is considered to be highly desirable by residents and real estate agents in the area. Keep in mind that that parking spot also carry a $240 monthly service fee with it as well! In our opinion that parking space better come with butler service and a cleaner for that amount of cash.

We can’t even comprehend how someone would be willing to pay that much. The owner of the garage, Howard Pronsky says that 30 years ago the same spot was offered for only $29 and it was well before the time that homes in the area were listed for millions of dollars. He goes on to confirm that another spot in the very same garage sold for $80,000 four years ago and that the spots are a rarity, therefore justifying the insanely high price tag.

The building across the street from the garage is being converted into apartments, so the demand for parking will become even more fierce, as the other building was previously a garage as well and the area has now lost about 300 parking spaces. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just build another parking garage? Either way, that price is just outrageous and our spending is out of control. We could think of a bunch of ways to spend $300,000, just not on a parking spot.