Bubble Wrap Will Soon Lose Its’ Satisfying “Pop!”


(PCM) We were really hoping that this story wasn’t true, but it appears that there are going to be some major changes coming to our beloved Bubble Wrap. Seriously, who doesn’t love popping Bubble Wrap? It is delightfully therapeutic in an odd way.

It appears that due to cut down on production costs, Bubble Wrap will now be losing it’s satisfying popping sound! We are horrified! Sealed Air Corp., the makers of Bubble Wrap, have announced that they will be changing their entire design in effort to save some bucks. The classic Bubble Wrap has been in existence since 1960, but according to Sealed Air Corp,  the shipping rates are now too high because Bubble Wrap takes up too much space.

The company has now designed iBubble Wrap which will be delivered to retailers in flat sheets that they will then have to inflate themselves. Here’s where it gets worse … the air pockets in each sheet will now be connected, so if you got to squeeze one, the air will just travel to another pocket and its’ bye-bye popping sound.

Many have already begun slamming Sealed Air Corp on social media in light of the change, as many feel that Bubble Wrap is just too iconic of a product to change this drastically. Many feel that Bubble Wrap is used for way more than just packing material, as it can be a great stress reliever and provide hours of entertainment to folks young and old.

To help ease the minds of Bubble Wrap enthusiasts, Sealed Air Corp let them know that traditional Bubble Wrap wasn’t going way completely, but they were only just expanding their family of products. That is certainly some good news at least, especially for a product that even has it’s own holiday, National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is celebrated on January 26 and its’ Facebook page has over 2 million likes.