Burglar Offers To Mow The Lawn In Exchange For Not Getting Caught


(PCM) A 25 year old man by the name of Bryan Remley recently broke into a couple’s home in St. Petersburg, Florida and then tried to negotiate with the homeowner after being caught by offering to come back and mow the lawn.

The homeowner, Joseph Cihak, of course had no interest in Remleys’ offer for lawn service and instead held him at gun point until the authorities arrived

It is stated in the police report that Remley broke into the home in the middle of the night and was digging around for loot in the living room when he was confronted by the Cihak when he got up to use the bathroom. Cihak claims that Remley was armed with a small knife and charged at him, so at that point Cihak fired two shots in Remley’s direction. His wife heard the commotion and shots fired and proceeded to call the authorities.

Remley was charged with armed residential burglary and violation of probation, so we guess it is safe to say that his dreams of going into the lawn care business are pretty much on hold for awhile.

Another odd twist to this story is that this is the second time within a week that a burglary attempt was made on Cihak’s home and he claims that is why he is armed…in case it happens again! Makes us wonder, what in the world is going on in St. Petersberg these days?