Burglar Thwarted After The Age Old Mistake Of Pulling On The Push Door

(PCM) Well I think the headline says it all, but we have all made the mistake of pulling on a door that clearly has the word “PUSH” written across it, however in the case of one burglar it completely ruined his attempt to rob a Chicago area bar.

The wannabe burglar was caught by surveillance camera after a robbery attempt on a local bar in the Chicago’s trendy Wicker Park neighborhood. While the door was actually unlocked, video surveillance shows the burglar pulling and pulling on the door that would not budge…why?….because all it needed was a simple push instead.

What is even funnier about this scenario is that it went on for seven straight minutes without the would-be perpetrator figuring out how to properly enter the bar. Disheartened, he gives up and flees the scene.

You can view the video below: