But Was He Cooked With The Tuna? Worker Dies In Bumble Bee Foods Oven


(PCM) Two workers from Bumble Bee Foods are being charged in the 2012 death of a co-worker, 62-year old Jose Melena, who was burned to death in a tuna oven. 

Melena was working inside the large 35-ft long oven at the company’s location in Santa Fe Springs, California when the oven was suddenly filled with tuna and switched on. The employees claim they thought Melena was using the restroom at the time of the incident. 

About two hours later, a supervisor noticed that Melena was missing and a search was conducted. Tragically, they discovered Melena’s severely burned body in the oven, which had reached a temperature of about 270 degrees. The D.A’s office says that the two employees involved in the incident willfully violated the rules that would ensure proper safety protocol was in place. 

The two men are charged with three felony counts. The Bumble Bee Food company is being charged in the case as well.  The company claims that an investigation proves that no safety protocols were violated in the incident and are currently seeking legal options.