You Can Now Have You Or Your Loved Ones Ashes Pressed Into Vinyl Records

(PCM) An emerging trend in the funeral business is planing to have you or your loved ones ashes pressed into a vinyl record that can actually be played. It is definitely a new and unique way for the deceased to literally be “heard” during their memorial celebrations and something tangible that the family and loved ones can cherish for years to come.

How it works is that the cremated remains of the deceased are pressed into the grooves of a vinyl record album. The records can be created to have any combination of songs on them that you wish and will play on any standard record player. Each side of the record will have about 12 to 15 minutes of playing time.

The idea is to create a very individualized experience that is tailored to each individual persons taste. One could choose to record their own voice, put together a soundtrack or simply just have the relaxing sounds of nature. Also, the pops and crackles that you hear when listening to a vinyl record would actually be caused by the ashes of the deceased.

It might sound a bit morbid, but it is definitely a new way to remember a loved one. According to the UK based company “And Vinyly” even if you are choosing burial over a full cremation, the vinyl is still an option as they can created the vinyl records just from the ashes of just one body part.

This option can however be a bit pricey as the creation of each vinyl records starts at about $650 per track on the record. However with funeral costs being as high as they are today, this may end up being a more affordable option.