Cards Against Humanity Raises $90K To Dig A Hole For No Reason


(PCM) This is not surprising news coming from the folks behind the crude party card game “Cards Against Humanity”, as they have always been known to push the limits.

The company has currently raised more than $90,000 to literally dig a hole in the ground that leads to nowhere. They have named it the “Holiday Hole” and when visiting the company’s website you can view a live stream of the hole be dug in the ground for absolutely no reason.

The more money that is donate the further “Cards Against Humanity” will dig. Each $5.00 donate adds 2 more seconds of dig time to the “Holiday Hole”. The company has launched a website to promote the project and are taunting their supporters by labeling the amount of donations received as “Money Thrown In Hole”.  It is actually kind of mesmerizing to watch, as you know in the back of your mind that the hole is the result of people’s hard-earned dollars being literally thrown into the ground. 

Obviously the company statement about holiday consumerism is working and people are fascinated by the sheer and utter ridiculousness of the project. Top donors for the project have donated amounts of money over $1,000 and the donates are continuing to pour throughout the Thanksgiving weekend. Makes us curious as to just what they will think of next.