Cat Rescues Little Boy From A Horrific Dog Attack


(PCM) It is certainly not everyday that you hear about a cat coming to the rescue of a child who is being viciously attacked by a dog, but it has happened and was captured via video surveillance camera.

The incident occurred in Bakersfield, CA when a little boy who was riding his tricycle was suddenly attacked by a dog. The dog grabbed hold of the boys leg and pulled him off the tricycle. While the dog is attacking the boys leg, all of a sudden the cat comes flying in and knocked the dog off of the boys leg. The cat then proceeds to chase the dog away.

The parents of the young boy who was the victim in the attack claim that he needed a few stitches from the incident, but if not for the rescue cat it definitely could have been a lot worse, if not fatal.

It was discovered that the dog belonged to the family’s neighbors, who are currently being investigated. When animal control picked up the dog, it was still in an incredibly aggressive state and the decision was made to have the animal put down.