Chinese Amusement Park Offers A Death Simulator Attraction


(PCM) Can we say gruesome? If anyone out there has ever been curious as to what it may feel like to be cremated then the Window of the World Amusement Park in Shenzhen, China has just the answer for you with their attraction called the Samadhi Game. 

The attraction is being toted as a “death simulator” and allegedly let’s those who dare to ride it, experience what it may be like to be cremated. The rider is placed in a coffin, which is then transported into a fake incinerator while being blasted with hot air up to 104 degrees in temperature. The rider is also surrounded in light which is said to give the authentic experience of burning. 

Wait … this get’s even better! For the next part of the attraction, riders are shown a womb projected on the ceiling and you have to crawl until you reach a white padded area, which is supposed to represent the actual womb and signify being reborn. 

The ride opened up at the amusement park last September after the creators were able to raise $65,000 via a Chinese version of Kickstarter to see their vision come to life!  Pretty terrifying stuff?  Would you have what it takes to ride the Samadhi Game?