Chinese Woman Moves Into A 24-Hour KFC For A Week!


(PCM) A 26-year old Chinese woman by the name of Tan Chen recently went through quite a tragic relationship split and did what many of us only wish we could do … stuff ourselves full of delicious KFC fried chicken and escape the pain for about week.

After the break-up Chen reported in sick for her job and while walking around town trying to get her mind off the split, she decided to go into a local KFC in the train station of China’s Sichuan Peninsula. Chen ended up staying at the restaurant for an entire week!

She claims that she initially had not planned on being at the establishment for so long, as she had only wanted to grab some chicken wings. However, once she was inside and began eating, she reached the conclusion that she also needed some time to think.

It took three days before a KFC employee took notice that Chen had not left the restaurant, as they are a 24-hour establishment and work in shifts. They were unable to ask her to leave since she was technically a paying customer. The employee did check to make sure that Chen was okay, and she again told them she just needed some time to think and then proceeded to order another box of chicken wings and an extra large fries.

Once Chen began to become noticed by the local media she decided it was time to move on from the restaurant. She claims she was tiring of the taste of chicken and made the decision to leave the city and return to her parents home.

We certainly can’t argue with Chen’s reasoning for staying in the restaurant so long as she sadly admitted that her apartment in the city was full of painful reminders of the failed romantic relationship.