Chinese Zoo Lets Guests Pay To Clean Up Polar Bear Poop

(PCM) Haven’t you always dreamed about having the privilege to clean up polar bear poop? Well, for only $145 that dream can become a reality, as that is what a Chinese zoo is charging guest for cleaning up a pen of polar bear poo!

The Wuhan Haichang Ocean Park in Hubei province decided to come up with a way to make some extra dough and claim to be promoting education by incorporating a once per week experience that allows adult guests to pay to clean up the polar bear poop. The zoo says the three-hour experience shows guests what it is like to be a polar bear keeper.

We don’t really see how cleaning up polar bear poop teaches us anything about caring for these animals, as we think somebody just didn’t feel like shoveling poo anymore!

The zoo says that the guests partaking in the experience must go through a series of health checks and some minimal training. While part the experience does allow the guest to help prepare the food and feed the polar bears the main part of their experience involves cleaning up the poop.

It is hard to believe that anyone is actually paying money to clean up poop, but the zoo claims that so far the experience has been a success. Many just feel the situation is funny and others just want the opportunity to be in close contact with these majestic animals, even it is only their excrement!