Companion Pig Booted Off A U.S. Airways Flight


(PCM) When most people think of companion animals they think about dogs or cats and sometimes even rabbits, however now companion animals can be almost any type of animal including monkeys, miniature horses, goats and even pigs.

Recently, a woman and her emotional support pig were kicked off a U.S. Airways flight when the pig began to cause a ruckus on-board the aircraft. The flight was getting ready to leave Connecticut, when the woman boarded the plane carrying a very large pig that she called an emotional support animal.

Many passengers could not believe their eyes when they saw the woman hoisting the 70-80lb pot-bellied pig on her shoulder, some even thought it may have been a rather large duffle bag. Passengers on the flight claim that the woman tied the pigs leash to her seat and began putting her belongings in the over-head bin. That’s when the trouble started! The pig began to squeal and pull at the leash and also started defecating all over the floor. It was then that the woman and the pig were asked to leave the plane.

No word on if she was able to book another flight with her special companion. So, the question remains … can pigs fly? Well, only if they are well-behaved!