Could Your Beard Really Be Filled With Poop?


(PCM) These days, sporting a beard has become quite trendy with the male demographic, however many may want to consider a shave with the results that a new study has revealed.

KOAT Channel 7 in New Mexico recently hired a microbiologist to conducted a study on the cleanliness of men’s facial hair and the results were absolutely shocking. At the conclusion of the study, the beards of several men were found to be just as contaminated with fecal matter and bacteria than a dirty toilet seat.

While the study found normal bacteria in majority of the men’s beards, what was disturbing was the amount of bacteria that is the same as fecal matter in a good number of the participants beards as well!

However, before all you beard-lovers go running for the razor blades, the study was also sure to note that there was no actual poop discovered in the men’s beards, but rather the same type of bacteria that is often found in poop. There was also not enough of it present to make anyone seriously ill.

The only concerning statement made in the study was the note that if the same bacteria were to be discovered in our water system, the water system would have to be shut-down and disinfected! Kinda of scary!