Curious About What Humans Will Look Like 1,000 Years From Now?

(PCM) Human beings as a species are constantly evolving and with the continued growth of technology, it leads us to wonder just where human evolution will end up in the next 1,000 years or so. We have always heard the rumors that there will eventually be chips implanted under our skin for identification and different chips implanted in our fingers to that we could swipe to use as payment when shopping. Many even wonder if one day we will become so obsessed with our smart phone that they will eventually just be implanted permanently in our ears or in front of our faces … look at the invention of Google Glass!

The folks over at Tech Insider have considered many of these ideas and have put together a video that shows how they think humans will evolve by the year 3017 and it is definitely a little freaky! Not to worry too much because surely none of us will actually be around by then, but it definitely sparks some food for thought.

The video. which can be seen below, suggests that by the year 3017 we will have found a way to possibly merge our bodies with machinery, be living on different planets such as Mars and even potentially make ourselves immune to all diseases and reverse the process of aging.