Demonic Ring Eating Away A Young Mans Flesh And Won’t Let Go


(PCM) 19-year old Eric Buabeng discovered a shiny golden ring on the roadside on his way home from church services last November. He picked it up and took it home, wearing it on his right index finger. Almost right away, Buabeng says he could feel the ring mysteriously tightening on his finger and now it looks like he may have to have the finger amputated because the ring is stuck and is beginning to eat into his flesh.

Baubeng and his father have visited nearly 37 hospitals and churches near their home in Ghana and thus far no one has been successfully able to remove the so-called demonic ring.  Baubeng is suffering a tremendous amount of pain and claims that he truly regrets ever scooping up the ring in the first place.

He goes on to say that right after he picked up the ring his hands began shaking and when he made an attempt to throw it away before placing it on his finger he claims something forced him to not throw it away and he heard a voice telling him to go home.

Once he was home that is when Baubeng put the ring on his finger, but was then unable to remove it. He claims he is not sleeping at night and still continues to hear voices in his head telling him to come out of his room at night. He says he can hear the various voices in his ear but he can see no one.

Baubeng and his family are just devastated by this situation and are now requesting the public’s assistance to come up with the funds necessary for Baubeng to have the surgical procedure required to have the demonic ring (and his finger) permanently removed.