Detroit Man Protects His Home With CPR Dummies

CPR-dummies1(PCM) No idea what strikes me as so hilarious about one Detroit mans new form of home protection, but his ingenious idea to use CPR dummies to stand guard at his front door is actually working.

The man has dressed the CPR dummies in gang-member fashion and placed them strategically on his front porch to ward off any possible burglars or intruders and for now it appears to be working.

The man’s home is located on Detroits’ west side and is the only home that has been cared for on a street full of abandoned homes and buildings. The man claims that because his house is the only occupied home on the street it makes him a target for break-ins and other crime.

In addition to the protective dummies, the man also has two live guard dogs and bars on all the doors and windows. The man told NBC news:   “A car will come by and they pick my place because I keep it nice. They’ll slow down, see the dummies and take off. They come back around and look again. Eventually if they figure out they are dummies they are also figuring out that now they’re being watched. They keep moving. They don’t stop.”

Even the local police have stopped by the commend the man for his ingenious creation and tell him what a good idea they think he has created.

Just wondering how well it will work now that he has officially revealed and spotlighted his secret weapon?