Discarded Christmas Trees Can Be A Treat For Goats


(PCM) Many people are still in the process of taking down their holiday decorations and of course discarding their live Christmas trees, and now a farm in Maine had claimed that there is a way to still put your discarded Christmas trees to good use instead of putting them out to the trash.

According to Hillary Knight, the barnyard manager at Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook, Maine, those discarded Christmas trees contain an excellent source of Vitamin C for none other than goats!

The farm has offered to take anyone’s discarded Christmas trees, as their goats will be more than happy to feast on the trees. According to Knight, it is a win-win situation. People can recycle their Christmas trees and the goats get an extra special treat.

It seems that nearly 200 trees have already been donated and there is even another organization, the Vermont Goat Collective, that is also collecting discarded Christmas trees as a healthy treat for their goats.

Who knew?  Maybe this will be a trend that will pick up in other places around the world as well.